What is in a name?

Welcome to A Blog With No Name. Context for the title will be shared shortly, but first let me explain to you how I got here. My inspiration to act stems from a children’s book. Mo Willems, author of the Elephant & Piggie series, wrote, I Will Take a Nap! This book has developed into various renditions in my household, and I hold no shame in admitting that a couple of my family members enjoy reading this book as if it were titled, I Will Take a Poop!” (For every time the word “nap” is written, it is replaced with “poop,” of course.) Within the first few pages of Mo Willems's book, as the title suggests, Gerald the Elephant announces with a bold declaration, “I will take a nap!” This assertion must be tugging on my energy strands in a particularly persistent way because over the last couple of weeks, I have come up with my own personal rendition of the story and it is titled, I Will Start a Blog! So here I am, starting a blog. Thanks for the inspiration, Gerald.

I do have a lot of questions as to how blogging works even after the hours spent attending online webinars (way past my bedtime) and the additional early morning hours of skimming through articles on the topic of how to create a successful blog. I came to realize that all those hours spent can be summed up in one [slightly run-on] sentence. Set your intention and share your passions respectfully while giving credit where it is due.

What is in a name? Maybe I should preface this with another question. Why do humans feel the need to name EVERYTHING? As soon as we assign a label to an object, action or really anything at all, we immediately begin to form associations, judgments and expectations. We invite our senses to distort reality based on what our past has conditioned us to see, hear, taste, feel, and smell.

Are we really experiencing the world for what it is?

So, without a name for my blog, you join me with an open mind. The one expectation you can formulate is that I will write. This provides me the opportunity to share with you anything I find relevant OR irrelevant. However, in doing so I will strive to keep the content universal and timeless [in a time obsessed world] so that it carries influence today as well as maybe even five + years from now.

I do have one steadfast rule for myself as I enter the realm of blogging. All my blog entries will be created in an outdoor space. After all, Mother Nature is the oldest and wisest teacher I know. In her I will place my trust, seeking guidance and inspiration to provide insight, opportunities for reflection and maybe even some entertainment with what may tend to be mildly childish in humor.

I will close by saying I am excited for this experience, and if you care to join me, I am excited for you as well.



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