Why not?

This post is inspired by my five-year old daughter who never hesitates to ask, "why not"? As you read through this entry, my request of you is to please pause for a few seconds of deliberation after every question before moving onto the next.

Why not say NO more?

Why not say YES more?

Why not splash in a muddy puddle?

Why not ask for help?

Why not laugh at yourself?

Why not leave the bed unmade?

Why not leave home without your GPS?

Why not lose track of time?

Why not take your time?

Why not stand up for what you believe in? Against the unjust?

Why not say "hi" to a stranger?

Why not stay up late to watch the moon at its peak?

Why not wake up early to watch the sunrise?

Why not sit quietly & observe SNOW IN the month of MAY?

Why not stop making excuses?

Why not lose control?

Why not JUST DO IT?

Why not raise your hand to ask a question?

Why not do a cartwheel in the middle of a grassy field?

Why not let those dirty clothes sit in the hamper one more hour?

Why not read one more bedtime story?

Why not try a new food? (Yes I ate the dandelions in the below pic!)

Why not empower one another?

Why not go to the grocery store with your hair and makeup undone?

Why not hold onto that hug a few more seconds?

Why not play chase with your children on the playground?

Why not smile when you make a mistake?

Why not sit & listen to the ocean as it speaks to you in non-verbals?

Why not forget the yard gloves and let the dirt sneak beneath your fingernails?

Why not smile for no reason at all?

Why not be who you WANT to be, not who you think you should be?

Why not practice compassion towards your enemy?

Why not put more faith in yourself?

Why not speak your truth?

Why not begin now?

Why not?

Fear... we have been trained to fear; to place worry in the unknown. On the surface, fear may not seem like a factor for some of the above reflections, however if we look deep within I believe we will find it is the underlying cause. Fear just may be the most debilitating emotion. Though where does it stem from? Fear is a product of the past to [quote, unquote] protect us from the future. Fear puts boundaries on our lives so that we do not experience the moment of present. I admire the braveness of the child to question the adults tendency to respond out of fear. I admire the child's natural tendency to experience the moment of present.

So next time my daughter asks me, why not? I will respond,

Sure, why not?


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