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Who Am I ?

This is a difficult question, because I am still on the path to discovering myself. To hold you over for now though, I will divulge a bit. I am a guest visiting this beautiful place we call Earth, and I am so incredibly grateful for every day of my stay. I am connected to everyone and everything, sharing the same energy as the clouds, trees, mountains, birds and even you- the reader.  We are ONE energy.  

One of my strongest beliefs is that if we all understood this foundational connection we have with every being, then much of the tragedy our world faces would be eliminated.  My intent here, in this blog space, is to offer my reflections, questions (of which I have lots!) and experiences all with hope to make you smile and maybe even say "hmmm..." To me those "hmmm" moments are an indicator that the closed mind is opening, and they happen to be my most favorite to experience.


So, I could have kept this more traditional by telling you I am a working professional with three children; I am a daughter and a sister; but this is not what defines me.  We all have a closet full of masks and I am on a journey towards meeting my mask-less self.  When I do, I will give that version of myself a BIG smile because in that moment I will have learned the answer to the question.

Who Am I ?

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